Maryland’s only Gun Store & Shooting Range with 2 locations



Cindy’s Hot Shots is a family-owned and -operated firearm retailer with a NEWLY RENOVATED indoor shooting range with 10-25 yard lanes. We welcome shooters of any skill level. Safety is our top priority and we believe knowledge is power. We will be offering Maryland (HQL), Maryland Wear and Carry (initial and renewal), Florida CCW, NRA Basic Pistol, USCCA, USCCA Basic Handgun, USCCA Conceal and Carry Programs, Home Defense, Fire Arms Safety, and private lessons to help further your knowledge. We have a wide selection of handguns and long guns to rent and to purchase.

JW Firearms Training is the official training partner for Cindy’s Hot Shots. JW Firearms Training uses a cadre of experienced instructors to deliver quality training courses at an affordable price. JW Firearms is committed to working with Cindy’s Hot Shots to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and best overall training experience.

Our mission is to bring safety and proficiency to the firearms industry.

We are your one-stop shop for all your training needs.