NFA Transfers

Please Note:

  • We would love to do all of your NFA item transfers. However, it is best if you give us a call before placing your order. Most times, we can price match or completely beat online pricing with shipping and transfer fees included.
  • *Silencer transfers are $100.
  • *Machine Gun transfers please call for pricing.

NFA Transfer Procedure

  1. Give us a call and ask for pricing and availability.
  2. Fill out our transfer form below.
  3. The company you purchase the silencer from WILL need a copy of our FFL and SOT. Please email [email protected] and let us know the email we can send that information to.
  4. Wait for your new NFA item to come in.
  5. Please allow us 24 – 48 hours to receive your NFA item into our system.
  6. We will call you once the silencer has been received so that you can come in and pay the transfer fee. This fee MUST be paid before the silencer will be attached to your Silencer Shop account!

NFA Transfer Form

We will need to send a copy of our FFL and SOT to the company you purchased your Silencer from. You can email [email protected] with the email address we need to send the documents to.

Purchaser Information

Seller Information

NFA Transfer Information

I understand that I need to come in to the store and pay the NFA Transfer Fee before the Silencer will be added to my Silencer Shop account.